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Hidden Haven………just thinking about it creates an immediate response of letting go and relax. Finding the studio has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. It has become my sanctuary, as well as a safe environment to deepen in this ancient practice. I half heartedly committed to my yoga practice over the years in search of the whole package. The studio is a place where you feel welcomed, as well as providing a serene environment nestled in nature, a true education in yoga and lifestyle, and a safe place to challenge myself up to and beyond my edge in practice.

Gina’s teaching style resonates with me and encourages you to move through any self doubts that may arise. She truly is one of the most gifted teachers that I have practiced with. She is authentic, integral, confident, centered, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable. Her classes are the always mindfully planned tending to mind/body/spirit balance.

Hidden Haven is my safe haven………….I am truly grateful to have found Gina!!!


"For the past 3-4 years, I have been dealing with increased back/hip pain from a car accident that occurred in 1990. My pain was constant, from a level 3-6, depending on the day. I just thought it was something I had to learn to live with. As my present to myself for my 55th birthday, I booked a private lesson with Gina. I explained my back and hip problems to her, and we worked on those areas during my hour lesson. My pain and muscle spasms melted away that day and have not returned. She did what muscle relaxers, massage therapy, TENS units and endless hot packs could not. I highly recommend attending her class."

Ann S.

"I am so happy I found this studio! A nice, relaxing environment with such a wonderful teacher. This is the first studio I have been to that I feel completely comfortable in my practice...despite the fact that I am not the most flexible person. I can't wait to go back!"

Meghan H.

"This is a really great yoga studio. Best value in the area too. The instructors are really cool and helpful. The classes are small and in a relaxing environment. The classes really do offer something for all levels. I've been to "intermediate" classes before that were not quite as challenging as I hoped but the ones here are pretty advanced IF you want them to be. They don't go overboard with the spiritual stuff either, which I appreciate."

Jackie Q

"Fantastic! Beautiful studio. Great teachers. Comfortable place to practice."


"5 STARS! YES!!!!"

Cherie S.

"I love HHY. I drive 30 minutes to go there, even if there are other studios close to my house. The setting is so peaceful. I start to relax as soon as I arrive. I love the themes. They make the classes flow and it helps to know what you are doing. The instructor always allows you to push yourself or not depending on how you feel that day. I like that there isn't too much spiritual stuff. It's really about your body, stretching and building strength. HHY rocks. It's definitely the place to go for yoga."


"Hidden Haven has helped change me, body and soul. I had no idea that yoga could be so rejuvenating and emotionally soothing. Gina shares an amazing gift with her patient and personalized instruction. I always leave feeling better-refreshed, peaceful, and strong in body and mind."

Melissa B.